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February 2020

Will I Ever Need Root Canal Therapy?

Commonly known as root canal therapy, this dental procedure is performed by our Danforth dentist to treat an infected or fractured tooth to ultimately save the patient’s natural tooth. Without this treatment method, teeth would otherwise need to be extracted. Luckily, root canal treatments have a very high success rate, and patients are usually very comfortable during the procedure.

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January 2020

Protect Your Smile and Quit Nail Biting for 2020

Habits can be hard to break, especially if we’ve been doing them for a long time. While smoking and excessively indulging in sweets are unquestionably among the worst habits for your oral health, nail biting is another bad habit that, in many cases, can put your teeth in harm’s way.

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December 2019

What to Do When a Dental Emergency in Toronto Strikes

While experiencing a dental emergency can be quite frightening, it’s useful to know exactly what to do if anything unexpected should happen. The last thing any patient should do is avoid going to see their dentist about any major problems or concerns. This is a choice that could lead to serious damage and complication.

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November 2019

Protecting Your Child’s Smile from Tooth Decay While They’re at School (or On-The-Go)

Let’s talk about how to protect your child's smile from tooth decay!

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October 2019

5 Simple Steps to a Healthier, Brighter Smile

How would you assess the health of your smile? Are you doing everything you can do ensure your smile is being properly cared for on a daily basis?

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September 2019

Are Dental Implants the Right Option to Restore My Smile?

Let’s talk about this popular (and preferred) method of tooth replacement. Dental implants have been used successfully in dentistry for decades, with an up to 98% success rate!

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August 2019

3 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Tongue Every Day

So... you brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily (we hope so, anyway!)… but there’s one thing missing from this daily oral hygiene routine equation. That extra important step is... Tongue cleaning!

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July 2019

Comparing String Floss, Interdental Brushes and Water Flossing

Which flossing method is really best? When it comes to cleaning in between your teeth, do you use traditional dental floss, an interdental brush, or a water flosser/ water pick?

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June 2019

Why Does my Tooth Still Hurt After My Cavity Filling?

If you’ve ever had a dental filling, you may have experienced some sensitivity with your filled tooth following treatment. Here’s when to be concerned, and when to simply be patient.

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May 2019

How Does Our Oral Health Change as We Get Older?

As we age, we become more susceptible to issues with our health. But what does getting older mean for our oral health in particular?

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April 2019

Achieve a Stunning Smile with In-Office Teeth Whitening on The Danforth

Sadly, our smiles can become quite yellowed or stained with every cup of java, glass of wine or handful of dark berries we consume. And over time, this can lead to an unattractive-looking smile that can have a negative impact on one’s confidence.

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March 2019

Could Gum Disease be Responsible for Alzheimer’s?

San Francisco Study finds potential link between the two diseases, gum disease may be more than just a threat to your oral health…

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January 2019

How Good Nutrition and Calcium Promotes a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

Unfortunately, our smiles tend to naturally dull, become stained or take on a yellow hue over time – especially with the frequent consumption of certain foods and drinks. With that said, it can sure be challenging to keep our teeth vibrant and white.

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December 2018

Which of These Two Gum Types Is Most Apparent In Your Smile?

Did you know that there are two main kinds of gum tissue? Technically termed “periodontal biotypes”; a person’s gums often tend to skew either more on the thin or scalloped gum type side, or the thick or flat gum type side!

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