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How Good Nutrition and Calcium Promotes a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

You might already be aware that calcium is great for our bones – but did you know that the mineral also plays a fundamental role in building our teeth, as well as maintaining their health and strength?

It’s true! We have calcium to thank for the healthy development of teeth in growing children, and we also have it to thank for aiding in cavity prevention and lowering one’s risk for gum disease. With that said, calcium is something our Dentists in Toronto stresses that we need to ensure we’re getting enough of throughout our entire lives, along with a sufficient amount of Vitamin D to help the calcium become properly absorbed by the body.

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Which of These Two Gum Types Is Most Apparent In Your Smile?

Are your gums more scalloped or flat?

Did you know that there are two main kinds of gum tissue? Technically termed “periodontal biotypes”; a person’s gums often tend to skew either more on the thin or scalloped gum type side, or the thick or flat gum type side!

So without further adieu, let’s talk about what makes each gum type different from each other...

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