Five Tips for Inspiring Good Dental Health Care Habits in Your Kids

A lifetime of healthy habits begin with the baby teeth.

Every parent knows that children can be a lot of work - especially when it comes to getting them to do less-fun activities such as cleaning their teeth.

Odds are that at some point, you’ve struggled with getting your little one to brush and floss. Kids can sure be stubborn - and oftentimes, listening to their parents is the last thing they feel like doing.

But fortunately, there are some excellent (and effective) tips that parents can follow to help make good oral health care a much more fun and easy pursuit for their kids.

So, without further ado, here are 5 tips that are bound to make your kid’s dental care journey more exciting and successful:

1. Teach your child about the importance of oral health in a fun way that they can easily comprehend:

In the present day, there’s a ton of oral health education to be discovered both online and in colourful books that your child can enjoy. By taking the time to explain the basics of oral health and dental care under a positive and fun light, it will help to evoke an interest from your child, while also inspiring their own personal oral care journey from a young age once they understand how important it is (and how fun it can actually be).

Speak to your child about dental health in a way that they can clearly understand, and allow them to ask questions so they can learn from their own natural curiosity. Moreover, explain to them about the dental problems and risks associated with improper oral care at home - e.g. tooth decay, cavities that require filling, and gum disease. This will help encourage them to take care of their teeth through diligent daily oral hygiene practices.

2. Let your kid have fun selecting their own cleaning tools:

Kids love to feel involved - especially in their own lives. By taking your child to pick out their own cleaning tools, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, you’ll be helping to pique even more interest and excitement in their brain about their personal oral health care.

3. Supervise your little one while they brush and floss:

Young children mimic what they see. By being present while your child cleans their teeth, and joining them while setting a good example yourself, you can teach your child to brush and floss properly once they are old enough to do so by themselves. This will then become a natural habit they pick up on their own without requiring your supervision or presence.

Remember, a proper brushing technique should not only be two minutes long, twice a day, but should also be performed gently and using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

4. Use a song to help ensure your child brushes for two full minutes:

As previously mentioned, while dentists recommend that children, and adults alike should be brushing their teeth twice daily for two full minutes each session - this can seem like an eternity for any impatient kid. That’s why it’s beneficial to designate a 2-minute song to your child’s brushing routine, so they can listen to it or hum to pass the time while they brush - all while ensuring a more fun teeth cleaning experience!

5. Set a good dietary example:

In conjunction with a proper daily brushing and flossing routine, a balanced and dental-friendly diet is also a key component to ensuring your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong as they grow into adults. A healthy diet consists of whole and natural ingredients like fresh vegetables and fruits, proteins and whole grains, and limited sugars or starchy, processed foods and beverages. If you teach your child the importance of a healthy diet when they are young, they’ll be more inclined to carry out those healthy dietary habits into the future.

Instilling good oral hygiene habits in your kids doesn’t need to be a headache.

Turns out that children can have a whole lot of fun, and feel a lot of pride in taking good care of their smiles! We hope these tips help you inspire your child to practice and carry out good oral care habits for life.

If it’s been longer than 6 to 9 months since you or your child has seen our dentist and team for a check-up and cleaning, book your next dental appointment at Danforth Dental Care today!

5 tips for children's oral health
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