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Protecting Your Child’s Smile from Tooth Decay While They’re at School (or On-The-Go)

Children deserve a great start to oral health care… not only to ensure their smiles develop properly and are healthy, but to teach them the value and importance of proper oral hygiene practices as they grow into adulthood.

It’s up to a child’s parents or guardians to equip them with the right tools to support a healthy smile under every circumstance, no matter where they are.

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What to Do When a Dental Emergency in Toronto Strikes

If an accident happens, be ready - and act fast.

And while experiencing a dental emergency can be quite frightening, it’s useful to know exactly what to do if anything unexpected should happen. The last thing any patient should do is avoid going to see their dentist about any major problems or concerns. This is a choice that could lead to serious damage and complication.

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